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Different Types of Makeup Brushes

Good makeup can make a person look more beautiful and hide any flaws or scars the person may have. It helps enhance the personality of the person and present a stylish and impressive look wherever one goes. For makeup to be effective and attractive, it needs to applied, properly and correctly so that it gives of the desired effect and covers the specific areas we want to highlight.

However remember just any makeup won’t do and you need to select the correct shade and tone, that matches one’s features. Good makeup is the first thing people notice, which is one of the key reasons one should pay adequate attention while applying it.

Just as one spends time to select the right makeup, so should one spend time to select the right brush to apply it, since each brush has a specific application and should ideally be used for a particular spot only.

From eyebrows to eyeliners and foundation to concealers, cosmetic companies have designed a wide range of brushes with special attention given to the areas it will be used in and the results one expects after using it. Each brush has a particular shape, style and formation of bristles that assist with the application of the makeup, while at the same time being comfortable to hold and use.

Some of the different types of makeup brushes are:

1) Foundation Brush

This is one of the must-have brushes in every woman’s and professional makeup artist’s kit since every makeup session starts with the application of the foundation. Usually designed with a flat top, they have bristles that are packed close together.

This makes it easy for the user to pick up and apply the foundation on the face and cover the entire face with soft smooth strokes. Like all brushes, this brush too must be properly cleaned and stored to avoid it getting spoiled or having adverse effects on your skin due to bacterial growth.

2) Concealer Brush

The secret partner of the foundation brush, it is often used to conceal the parts that the foundation is not able to address to or cover effectively, Professional makeup artists suggest using a small-sized concealer brush so that you can use it more effectively and comfortably to cover the specific areas.

Ideally, a little makeup is applied to the area you want to conceal and then worked upon using a concealer brush to cover up that area and merge it with the foundation.

3) Powder Brush

As the name suggests, these brushes are used to apply powder to the face, after you are done with your makeup. The brush is made up of long, soft bristles that are fluffy and dome-shaped, which helps them distribute the powder uniformly, without creating any patches on your face.

4) Stippling Brush

This is a multi-purpose brush that can be used as a blush, bronzer, powder, and even as a highlighter. Many people also use it to apply foundation, due to its bristles which are very light allowing a very natural-looking application of the foundation.

It gives an airbrushed look to the entire makeup and can be used to apply multiple layers of makeup for the desired look and feel. The brush is usually dipped in the makeup product and then applied on the face in a circular motion or as required.

5) Eye shadow brush

Specifically designed and preferred by makeup artists the world over, the eye shadow brush is used to apply eye shadow to the top lid of your eyes with exact precision and as you want it.

Easy to hold and control, the eye shadow brushes have tightly packed bristles that help you get a very even eye shadow coating on your eyes. Some of the brushes also have a sharp tip that helps you create an interesting design and apply the products easily.

6) Eyeliner brush

The eyeliner brush has a very important role in your makeup kit as it helps you precisely design and colour the tips of your eyes and give them a more intricate and deep look. Artists usually suggest applying eyeliner with these brushes in the direction of the curve of your eye for a more appealing look.

The tip of these brushes is slightly angled and is made up of short bristles that are tightly packed together to help you get a more uniform application.

8) Mascara Brush

Also known as the wand, the mascara brush is to be used for grooming and shaping the eyebrows, to give them a gentle flowing look. Spoolie shaped, these brushes have hard bristles flowing out in all directions which is very useful when you want to comb your eyebrows and apply mascara evenly across them. They are usually small in size and designed to be easy to hold and use.

9) The lip brush

With this brush, your makeup brush collection is almost complete. This brush is used to highlight one of the most essential features of our face i.e. the lips. It is a thin, pointed brush that can be used for applying lipstick or lip colour easily and effortlessly.

Being a pointed brush, it allows you to be more precise in your lipstick application and give it the contour and shape you desire. Most artists prefer the same when applying any lip colour or lipstick, instead of applying them directly, since it gives them more control over its application.

Most of the professional makeup artists use these brushes and more to apply makeup to their clients and highlight their special features while hiding those that are incorrect. Proper and knowledgeable use of the brushes helps one apply makeup easily and gain the look one desires from it with minimal effort.

No matter which brushes you use to apply your makeup adequate care needs to be taken of the brushes, to ensure they last long and do not have any effects on your skin due to any past residual makeup on them, from previous applications.

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